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I wold like to buy fried motors of all types

Good morning everyone I would like to buy fried motors of all types
I may have some that are good and bad available soon. I live in Canada, therefore they would have to be shipped.

What are you offering as a price?
Make me a price. I just want the ones that are bad. I rewind them as a hobby.
I honestly don’t know what price to offer you! I would rather that you start off with a price per motor and we can start from there.

Also, are you look for specific sizes of motors?

Are you willing to pay cover the shipping as well?
Do you have a any advice about how to rewind a 1105, 1106, or 1108 BLDC to run at 15,000+kV - on ~ 12VDC?

Keeping the rotor with the neo N52 magents, and the 12 pole stator (9N12P).

I am looking for wire guage, number of turns, wire type and modifications to the air gap.

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