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Looking for Flight Controler and PDB dealing with GPS gimbal FPV autopilot


Apr 23, 2019
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I have question with regard to choosing flight controller for racing hexacopter. My main doubts are connected with features of FC. To bring the issue closer, I will describe which functions I would like FC to have (included on board or able to connect to FC):
- 6 (or more) motors support,
- gimbal (3-axis camera) control,
- GPS,
- accelerometer,
- gyroscope,
- telemetry,
- OSD,
- bual camera support (one to FPV, second e.g. mounted on gimbal),
- 32-bit fast processor (best F7/H7 type),
- should support autonomous flight (e.g. waypoints and safe landing)

My main concern is related with Power Distribution Board (PDB). I have found many 4in1 ore similar but I haven't seen any for 6-axis drones which would work fine with 6S (22,2V) battery. I'm going to use six iFlight Xing 2208 6S 1800kV motors which at 100% throttle consume approximately 41,5A per one. That's why I will use 2200mah 120C LiPo battery and six single UFOFPV 50A ESC's. Maybe someone will advise me which PCB would be capable of working with such parts of my build and which Flight Controler would be the most suitable to match my expectations. It shouldn't be big and heavy so I would rather buy one with many integrated sensors on board.
If in your opinion better is to buy all-in-one FC with integrated PCB let me know if you found any capable of working witch multirotor drones (like my 6-axis with 6 motors) and give me instructions if it will be able to deal with current which maximally will amount to about 240A.
My choice is: https://www.getfpv.com/lumenier-lux-f7-ultimate-flight-controller-d...
To make it working fine I have to connect ESP's to power source (battery) but, as I think, I need PDB which is hard to find on 22.2V battery.
I'm looking forward for responses. Thanks fora ady advice in advance! :)
You've done some research for sure, but have you ever flown FPV? This rig you're describing needs 2 operators because you can't effectively fly FPV while operating a gimbal; the gimbal operator needs their own controller and screen.

There's no camera (that I know of) that will connect to your 3 axis gimbal, send real time picture via 5.8 band, and have a good enough picture to warrant putting it on a gimbal (running a split on a gimbal is a total waste). You would want a Gopro at minimum, and that doesn't project back to your operator.

Basically, you're trying to build a DJI out of Race drone parts. I don't mean to be rude, but from where I'm sitting, it's not feasible. This is where I started my personal FPV journey. I bought a Feyutech WG2 GoPro gimbal that I was going to mount on my 6". The gimbal has remote control from a phone, so I thought a second operator could use that. Long story short: too heavy, too much lag on the controller, not enough distance on the connection, and the gimbal is overkill; just fly smoother.

Overall, the drone you're imagining doesn't exist because it doesn't have a place in this world; it just isn't good for anything. It's way too big and heavy to race, and too delicate for freestyle. Freestyle is NEVER done with a gimbal, it defeats the purpose. So it's a junk freestyle rig, and a subpar Arial photography rig...
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Ok, I haven't described it in detail. I'm going to fly this drone using FPV googles without looking at video recorded by HD camera. During flying with a high speed I would like to fasten additional camera without gimbal only for recording similar image to one recorded by FPV camera. Gimbal support will be essential when I will be going to fly without googles only to make a grat video. My idea is to use that drone not only for racing etc. but also sometimes for making nice shots. FPV camera will be stable, rigidly attached to the frame. (It will be: Foxeer Mini Pro). I know that using gimbals for FPV is pointless but as I mentioned it would be used occassionaly (because I don't want to build another drone only for making captures). The pull will be enough and is about 11kg from these 6 motors so why not use (sometimes) drone with gimbal. That's why I'm planning on having FC connected to telemetry module not only OSD. My first idea was to put Pixhawk 2.8.4 in the frame but it's to huge. To minimalise dimentions I started searching for another FC but unhapilly I haven't found yet appropriate. Maybe Pixracer R14 will be good? But there's still another problem - I can't find Power Distribution Board which will suit my expecteations and power 6 motors (through 6 single ESC's). If you have an idea what to do, please let me know.
Build's feasible, but you'll get killed at the track. Plus there's no class for this type of build
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So what to do? What would you recommend? Forget about gimbal but GPS and other features I think are possible to include.
I'm a begginer and haven't built my drone yet so I have such specific questions.
My advice: learn to fly first.

Get a 1s or 2s micro and learn how to fly acro. Many of these questions you have will answer themselves once you know how to fly, and the tech is moving so quickly, that by the time you're ready to build your ultimate dream, your parts list will have changed.

You can't learn to fly on that Hex rig, it'll be expensive and impractical. Even if I was speaking to a Saudi prince with limitless money to burn, I wouldn't recommend starting out with that build simply because you won't progress as quickly. These micro quads you can fly inside and rack up stick time fast and cheap. The other option is get a controller and figure out the simulator scene. Either way, learning to fly is step one.
...or just get a better DJI and forget racing. take pictures

I have a good flying buddy with great gear that tried to add gps to a 5" race quad. its painful and after two weekends it was removed.

you either take pictures or you get upside down with it.

We fight the added weight and inertia of a small gopro in a printed case... solidly mounted. there is a wonderful added hang time but.. Im with RTK. learn to fly and maintain a quad and you'll see.

keep us updated on the learning curve. were here to help.. and warn you!

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