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suggestions for an HD Whoop build?


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Mar 4, 2021
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I'm considering build (or buying I guess) a cinewhoop...

it's primary purpose is for filming indoors, or close quarters.... (Ive got a DJI FPV and a 5" freestyle - so whilst nice, I dont really need it to do much outside)

I'd like to keep the build relative cheap, and use readily available components (in the EU)
however, due to my existing equipment, it must use:
- HD (DJI) , so air unit/caddx vista
- Crossfire (nano)
- 4s (xt60 would be nice) since I have some 'spare' 4s batteries - that said, i'll probably buy more, since i guess I'll use light ones (Ive got 1500mAh, I guess Id move to something like 550/650mA?)

the bits I don't know, but kind of assume...
as its mainly for indoors, I guess being compact would be useful.
Im assuming, also I'll need to mount a camera, as Ive a feeling the dvr from pilot cam is not really that good.

frame? motors? stack?

also, film camera?
I'm tempted to get a betafpv smo 4k. though, perhaps one of the insta360 may be more applicable (easy to source!?) ... though not sure which?
thoughts? esp, as indoors you may have lower light levels.
( I could use this on the 5" as well, since I dont have a camera for that yet either)

I did have a look at the Geprc CineLog 25 HD... that does look pretty close to what Im thinking,
though would be nice to build something :)

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