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TinyHawk II FC wont turn on. Does connect and has power


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Sep 14, 2023
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Hey all, I was setting up my TinyHawk 2 FC, which I had just received new, after which it decided to turn off and never go on again.

I was soldering the motor wires and installing a flysky a8s receiver to the RX2 port, and was busy setting up the controls of the transmitter after;
  1. The quad started beeping continuously
  2. I unplugged the battery
  3. I replugged the battery
  4. There are NO status lights on the FC anymore (no blue, no red, no green).
The motors give 3 beeps. I still get a video signal. The received gets power. I can still connect to Betaflight (and even flash new firmware), but I see a gyro not found and RX not found error, and the FC seems to be not functioning anymore. Has anyone experienced this before? There was no short afaik, as I was already getting up the last elements of the transmitter.

Note; I did have the board conformal coated. This is the 2nd conformal coated board that died on me. Does anyone know if this can be the cause?
I would try re-flashing the firmware. I've had that recover an FC. Just the 1st 3 beeps without the last 2 usually means the ESC is working but the FC isn't seeing it.

Conformal coating I would think has to reduce the heat dissipation somewhat at least. The little AIO boards could be sensitive to that I suppose. How is an indoor tiny whoop likely to get wet anyway? I don't fly my TinyHawk outdoors.

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