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Weird motor behavior. Bad esc?


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Sep 20, 2022
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I'm quite new to FPV in general, and don't know a whole ton, so bear with me with this post.

I bought a Nazgul Evoque F5 a few months ago. Everything was great, until I crashed it, of course. One of the motors showed absolutely no sign of life so I replaced the motor. Turns out it was not the motor that failed, but the ESC.

Got a new esc, installed it, and everything was looking good. The motors spun (albeit in the wrong directions), and everything was working fine. That was until I tried reversing the motor direction in beta flight and forgot to take the props off. This caused a motor to spin up to 100% throttle and start smoking. Good thing it was spinning in the wrong direction!

Lesson learned with that one.

I tried replacing the motor again, but after no luck, I purchased another ESC.

Now back to present. I just installed the new ESC board, but two of the motors would twitch when I throttled up. When the throttle gets up to about 15%, one of the motors starts spinning properly, but the other one continues to twitch, until I get to about 30% throttle, then it spins up. When I get to around 70% throttle that same motor goes back to twitching.

Both motors get extremely hot even when they're not on.

I tried replacing the motor on one of them but no dice. Did the same thing.
Any ideas as to how this happened? Could I have short circuited the esc while repairing it?

Here's the VIDEO to see what I'm talking about. (click video.)

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