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Zero Cool (180 quad) 4 cell battery test flight


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Feb 13, 2017
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So decided to go and try out 4 cell battery. I've ordered a couple with 70c, but for this one I used a 50c I had laying around. The power on it was amazing. I was able to throttle up nicely and get out of loops and turns amazingly....until the end. After a loop she seemed to just drop out of the sky. I suspect she just ran out of battery, but never seen this before since on a 3 cell I can tell when the battery is getting low. Thankfully she wasn't too far up and landing on the ground. Unfortunately she landed in a mud puddle back end first. So LED board doesn't work, buzzer doesn't work, and VX stopped working. Took her apart and found the PDB board is the culprit so put an order in for another one..it has build in OSD so I really like it. But for right now I rigged the camera and VX to run off the normal power and connected the video feed manually...so I can fly but don't get the cool info. I did put a voltage buzzer on it for now.

So questions.....
1) Any good liquid I can use on my quad that won't damage the electronics but can help clean up all the mud on it. I got most of it off and can fly her ok at this point...but still would like to clean her more.
2) Any way to protect the electronics from liquids in anyway? Can you shrink wrap the whole PDB or would that cause issues?
3) Is this normal behavoir for when a quad runs out of power?

The specs on this quad:
180 Frame
2205 Motors
5045 Tri-blade Props
30A 4 in 1 ECS
Battery used is a 1500 mah 50c battery.

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