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Will a HD dji air unit quad-copter with crossfire bind to the following:
dji FPV (MODE2) TX (that has a tbs crossfire lite {wired in}) along with a TRIPLEK 7" PRO tablet?
TEC question...can this work or is this super-beta? Thx in advance/CV
Hello I am new to the forum...it's all new to me.
Still wondering around trying to post help in binding (compatibility).
my moblite7 is not binding to my t lite and I have got my moblite7 in binding mode but no luck. Can somebody help please?
Been flying all types of quads for 6 years this is my first attempt with a FPV very challenging to say the least.
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Hello. I am a new member. I'm flying with a Betafpv Pro 2. Who's flying with this whoop ? What are your feelings please?
Welcome @Jujufpv!
The BetaFPV quads are fine, I have a few but not the Pro2, no quad is perfect but they are pretty good if you don't have an ESC die. I do think other quads fly a little smoother than my BetaFPV quads, but they are certainly flyable.

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