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Jeff A here from the Forum. I have asked this online from a couple of gentlemen and don't get a straight answer so after reading your posts, I would like to ask you 2 things.

1. Is there software available that I can install on my Windows 10 PC and Monitor and My Motion Controller, so I can fly an Avata simulator?

2. Please provide me with a download link.
Hi, All. Tested the radiomaster 16s with another quad, to check if will bind and the upgraded firmware have no problem.
The hobby shop tested the binding and all seems to work. Now I guess ,I have to buy a frysky receiver to connect with my Darwin babyape.
Spectacular drone video footage of Iceland! 4K/24 was used in order to capture the best quality. After a photography workshop on the ring road, I drove to the Snaefellsjokull/Snæfellsjokull National Park, located on the Snaefellsnes/Snæfellsnes Peninsula.

I have a few cheap drones but since this Christmas, I decided to make it a serious hobby with the purchase of a dji FPV drone. I have flown it 4 times so far and love it. I am continuing to learn more by watching the many available YouTube videos, spending time on the dji virtual app simulator, and flying it whenever time and weather permits as I keep looking for new places fly.
Hi there, this is Mahmoud From Volgo Point.
please take a look on our store and let us know if you have any question or advice to make our store much better, for more check link below:
Will a HD dji air unit quad-copter with crossfire bind to the following:
dji FPV (MODE2) TX (that has a tbs crossfire lite {wired in}) along with a TRIPLEK 7" PRO tablet?
TEC question...can this work or is this super-beta? Thx in advance/CV
Hello I am new to the forum...it's all new to me.
Still wondering around trying to post help in binding (compatibility).
my moblite7 is not binding to my t lite and I have got my moblite7 in binding mode but no luck. Can somebody help please?
Been flying all types of quads for 6 years this is my first attempt with a FPV very challenging to say the least.

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