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    DJI FPV RTH on Low Battery Level.

    You should contact DJI Support. My FPV doesn't do that. It is more pessimistic than I am about how far it can be out and still get home, but I've never seen the RTH trigger with 50% battery left.
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    Need help from Avata pilots who have an AirData account

    That's the way it works with the FPV as well.
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    Is FPV dying???

    The Avata has taken over as my next preferred drone. In an effort to at least pretend to be financially responsible, I decided I wouldn't get it until I get my first paycheck from my new job. But that's in 6 days, so it may not be long now... ;-)
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    No Barf Here!!

    I follow both of those procedures when I fly my FPV. Always sitting down, few head movements after take-off. I have noticed that I tend to position my head either looking down, or in the position it would be in if I was sitting on the drone, looking at what the drone is looking at.
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    Watch Before Buying the DJI Avata (Mattheww Brennan)

    I may put it off for a bit. I've been a smoke-eater for the last few days, and probably will be for at least a week. And I'm not a firefighter, God bless 'em. I'm directly in the smoke path of the Mosquito fire in California, and I'm living in a bowl of the...stuff... No drone flying for me...
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    Watch Before Buying the DJI Avata (Mattheww Brennan)

    When I get the Avata, I expect to use the DJI FPV when I want to go like a bat, and the Avata when I think I might bang into stuff. I also expect to be willing to let students fly the Avata with only a minimum of training, which I would never do with my DJI FPV. I had pretty well decided that I...
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    Just gonna suck it up...

    I'll train myself on it slowly and incrementally, like I always do with new stuff. But I expect it to be a blast! :cool:
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    Just gonna suck it up...

    Well, it surprised me, and I may have misunderstood what I saw. I'm pretty sure I saw it in one of the DJI Avata training vids. But it might have been something in a 3rd party vid about the Motion Controller. I'll keep my eyes open for it, in case I see it again. I'm seriously looking forward...
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    Watch Before Buying the DJI Avata (Mattheww Brennan)

    I'm with you on that one! I don't have my Avata yet, but I expect to dislike the touch pad, since I've always disliked the whole "swipey swipey" input mechanism. But we'll see! If it works, it works! :-)
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    Watch Before Buying the DJI Avata (Mattheww Brennan)

    Great video, thanks! :cool:
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    Just gonna suck it up...

    I saw something that suggested that head tracking is available in the Goggles V2 when used with the Motion Controller.
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    Head Tracking!!!!!

    I watched all of the DJI Avata training vids, and it looks like the head tracking will work using the MC with V2 Goggles and the Avata. My next question is, does head tracking work using the MC with the V2s and FPV? Somebody should do a compatibility matrix for all this stuff! Thx
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    The Avata is incredible.

    Hack your government and regulators, not your drone... ;-)
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    Phone Won't Connect

    That's interesting, I didn't know that. Thx!
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    Phone Won't Connect

    That just seems weird. Adding interfaces (connections) usually adds problems, rather than fixing them. Absent a proposed mechanism, I'm inclined to accept the poor quality cable explanation, over the notion that adding an additional interface helping. Thx.