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  1. J

    Tips on learning the FPV Drone

    I have just ordered the DJI FPV Drone (not to be confused with the new one that just came out.) and would like some tips or advice on this new toy I have just ordered. I have used it on the DJI Virtual Flight App, and was overwhelmed when I put it into manual mode, and the controls for manual...
  2. R

    Looking to step up my filmmaking!

    I've been thinking about getting into cinematic FPV for almost two years now. After doing quite a few hours of research tonight, getting into it is even more intimidating than expected. I'm looking for a set up that is optimal for a beginner but has a little room to grow (I've found maybe the...
  3. Y

    Can the BetaFPV 95x-v3 cinewhoop run on 3S?

    Hello, I want to buy my first drone, the betafpv 95x v3, I already have some high capacity 3S lipos that I use for other drones, they weight around 180g each. I want to know if the cinewhoop would fly on batteries like these or I need to buy special 4s small batteries from betaFPV?
  4. R

    Walkera Furious 215 - Compatible FPV Goggles

    Hello, I am looking for a decent pair of FPV Goggles to get me going with my Walkera Furious 215. Any advice/recommendations are greatly appreciated. Specs: TX5838(FCC) VTX 5.8G wireless image transmission TX5838 B-band 8-channel selection TX5838 output power≤200mW
  5. Salt n Vinegar

    G'day guys - Looking for some quick help

    G'day fellas, New to FPV and these more advanced drones in general. Thought I'd make the upgrade from flying toy quads around the house to a more outside immersive version. That said, I need help in choosing which Bflight 210 version to get, and what controller to get alongside with it. As...
  6. Fiddlebog

    New to FPV, Build/etc Advice

    Howdy y'all, Let me just start by saying that I'm very excited about starting this hobby. There are a lot of aspects that attract me to it that have attracted me to other hobbies. In addition y'all have a great community here, which is not something I've always seen other places. Looking through...
  7. T

    I need a little advice from you folks.

    Obviously, I'm a newbie. :) I've looked and I've seen multiple similar posts and I know how people hate it when you post something that's kinda like something that was posted before, but I just was hoping to get some specific advice about this item. I'm wondering if this would be an OK kit for...
  8. S

    Do I have everything that I need to get started?

    I have decided that this summer I am going to try to get into fpv drone racing, or at least just build a drone as a project to keep me busy. I am going to try to build one as cheap as I can. Can anyone tell me: 1 - If I buy everything on other and drone 3 here: Drone Part List, Will I have...
  9. V

    Building my first drone and I need some help

    Okay so I'm going to buy my very first drone. Max price is about 350e. I have done a list of stuff that I'm going to buy but first I need some advice from you guys. Is that build good? And what would you change? I'm going to buy batteries from different store, that is why I did not put them...