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  1. E

    Can't Plug Antenna into VTX

    I had to replace my VTX on my Eachine Wizard X200s because of a big crash. It came with a new cable that connects the VTX to the antenna however I cant make the connector stay in on the VTX side. I've added a photo its the connector thats gold that I'm on about. What am I doing wrong? This is...
  2. FrankV01

    Antenna Pulled off FrSky XM+ Receiver

    I just noticed that one of the two Antennas had been ripped off the receiver. How might I re-attach it? Can I solder it or should I replace the receiver? Mind you, it's only $13 so replacement is fine if that is better.
  3. Fiddlebog

    Tyrant replacement antenna

    In a crash a while back I busted the VTX antenna on my Tyrant S pretty bad. It basically pulled out from the (brass?) mounting nut, tearing the outter metal mesh just underneath the blue rubber of the antenna. I was able to strip some of this off and solder that back on so as to complete the...
  4. D

    Antenna Positioning Question

    I have read through this guide and still have question about how to position the two wire antennas coming off of my receiver that came with my remote control. I'm using they are duck type antennas being that they are just wires with no real structure to them. Should they both be vertical...
  5. D

    HELP! Eachine Wizard X220 Antenna

    Crashed my Eachine Wizard X220 causing the VTX and its antenna to separate. The antenna was unrecoverable. I can't figure out what type of antenna and SMA(?) connector/adapter I need to buy in order to get this things working again. I bought some replacement antennas (here) which look like...
  6. U


    Bought a eachine wizard, got bold and crashed already , battery slid back and broke off antenna, and the threaded piece it screws onto. Frame ok, since you can't power up without antenna on, did this fry the fpv board at the antenna? What parts do I need to fix this? No hobby shops close to get...