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  1. AeroFlix 4D

    The Stunning Island of Koh Kood | Cinematic Experience

  2. AeroFlix 4D

    Exploring Belgium's Citadel, Castles, and More!

  3. I

    Flight with the DJI Avata, Goggles Integra, and Motion 2

    The new Goggles Integra and Motion 2 controller really make navigating in complex environments like the forest a lot easier. The increased precision with the joystick on the Motion 2 makes shots like the one early in this video where I orbit around myself possible.
  4. pedz

    Flight Simulator for DJI FPV Controller 2

    I want to learn how to fly in manual mode. People suggested doing it via a Flight Simulator. So here are my strike outs so far: 1. The DJI Virtual Flight works only with the FPV Goggles V2 -- I guess. I have the Goggle 2 (the ones that were originally bundled with the Avata). So, it never...
  5. pedz

    DJI Assistant 2 on an M1 Mac running Ventura

    I bought a FPV Controller and it won't link to my Avata. So I was told to get the DJI Assistant 2 and use it to update the firmware on the controller. I have a long post of my problems here. Has anyone gotten the DJI Assistant 2 to work on an M1 Mac running Ventura?
  6. G

    Avata w no remoteid FW boundd with the New Motion Controller 2 motors wont arm, now wont bind to old Motion Controller.

    I have an avata on the older fw with no remoteid and hoping to keep it that way. I got the motion controller 2 and bound it successfully but motors won't arm so I think It needs latest firmware to work. Now I want to go back yo my old motion controller but won't bind anymore.... I have 2 old...
  7. FPVRogo

    Taking the DJI Avata for a Sunset Spin!

  8. F


    Hello, I'm a new drone pilot flying in Montana.
  9. I

    Flying through a cave behind a waterfall with the DJI Avata

  10. AeroFlix 4D

    Avata about to crash

    My very first flight with the DJI Avata almost went wrong. With the exception of takeoff in Normal mode, I flew the entire battery in Manual mode. After about 10 minutes of flying, I went behind a building and lost connection, RTH engaged, I stopped RTH once I regained connection and was high...
  11. D

    Orange Props Pop on DJI AVATA!

    yay or nay?
  12. I

    DJI Avata flight through Covered Bridge and Canyon

    Found a fun place to fly the DJI Avata! A covered bridge and canyon beneath it at the historic Cedar Creek Grist Mill in Southwest Washington near Woodland.
  13. A

    Avata with Pro Controller

    I know DJI says the Avata only works with the motion controller or the FPV controller that came with the DJI FPV (I forget the name) but sometimes things work with not-official gear. Has anyone got the Avata to work with the Pro Controller/Smart controller? I have the new Avata on my desk and...
  14. pedz

    B&H Photo has them and is shipping

    Disclaimer: I don't work for B&H Photo. Just trying to help others get a drone. I purchased the Pro Combo from B&H last night at 9 pm CDT. It shipped today via Fed-Ex today around 2 p.m. and is due to arrive on the 14th. I had originally ordered one from DJI on the 3rd and it was waiting to...
  15. A

    Don't do what I did (although no real harm done)

    Got the Avata two days ago and man, what an amazing little piece of kit. I am a total FPV n00b and within a couple days I am flying it through my house (using the motion controller, mind you, the normal controller is on its way). Total gateway drone that is going to really get a lot more people...
  16. E

    IMPORTANT: If you purchase the DJI Remote Controller 2, read this post

    If you try and connect the DJI Remote Controller 2 to your Avata, it will probably not connect. I spent an hour trying every combination to get it to connect after receiving the controller Friday. To fix this, you have to download DJI Assistant 2. Install it and then connect the controller to...
  17. pedz

    Avata's unobstructed transmission distance

    I've flown DJI Inspire and Mavic drones. The Avata looks really really fun but I'm still checking it out. On the DJI Avata forum there are some complaints about the distance the drone can go. I'm in the states. Apparently different regions have different limitations. I've watched another...
  18. G

    What happened here?

    Flying the DJI Avata in full Acro mode. Steep turning back to where I came from while climbing. Keeping it smooth on the control, the quad flips over. Gusty day. Saved by the “panic” button great feature! Not my first time flying FPV, not a pro either. Really curious to understand what...
  19. H

    DJI Goggles 2

    I guess my head isn’t the right shape for the Goggles 2, the whole bottom doesn’t touch my cheeks. Hopefully DJI will have more of the foam inserts soon. It’s pretty crappy they don’t just include it in the package.