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  1. M

    FPV Build List (I'm a beginner)

    Hello, I would love to build a 5'' FPV drone, I've tried a pre-built one from my friend and fell in love with this hobby. After watching several videos I've started making a component list. Now I need your guys' help, I've never built something similar so it would be awesome if you could go...
  2. R

    Looking to step up my filmmaking!

    I've been thinking about getting into cinematic FPV for almost two years now. After doing quite a few hours of research tonight, getting into it is even more intimidating than expected. I'm looking for a set up that is optimal for a beginner but has a little room to grow (I've found maybe the...
  3. K

    Hi I’m looking to get into this hobby and have a few questions....

    Hey I’m new and have been researching but have a few questions... The simulator seems the way to start but with the huge amount of brands and different things involved I don’t even know where to start... I thought about buying the tiny hawk kit on Amazon but feel like I should just buy a...
  4. C

    Can't get tx to bind with rx

    Hi! I'm totally new to this hobby! I've been flying quite a lot with DJI, Hubsan and Parrot drones, but all of these are bought RTF. And I thought that i should try to build my own racing quad and try some fpv flying. And i'm surprised that I've even made it this far in the building process...
  5. M

    First Quad, need some help

    Hey guys, I am in some need of some help. way back in christmas, I got the kingkong 210gt from hobbyking, but I received a DOA drone, I contacted Hobby King, but they said that they could not replace it because they were out. So we got our money back, and I purchased the parts parts for...
  6. B

    How long?

    how long did it take some of you from the time you started flying fpv in acro until you could consistently fly a very basic track? I’ve been flying in the liftoff simulator for a couple of months(not everyday) but i feel like I’m just not grasping the fine control thing. And it has resulted in...
  7. T

    Budget transmitter and headset for a whoop

    I am new to drone racing. I have a habit of throwing myself neck deep a bit earlier than I should and this is no different. I am looking for a spektrum transmitter and headset fairly cheap. I would like to keep both under a combined $200 but I'm flexible. I am registered for a whoop race later...
  8. B

    Good Beginner racing drone

    i am getting a racing drone and i am a beginer and need to know i good racing drone can you guys tell me some good ones
  9. A

    Drone Racing Pilots near Düsseldorf

    Hello everyone, I've got into drone racing a few months ago and I was wondering, as I can't see any, if there were any pilots near me. I am currently in the Düsseldorf area and if there is anyone near here please let me know.
  10. J

    1st Quad Probs

    Hey everyone! I've been into rc for the past 15 years or so off and on but I've only raced rc cars so this is a HUGE transition to say the least. I recently purchased a drone off of eBay (slowly starting to regret that) and I've ran into a few problems: First and foremost, the camera isn't...
  11. G

    Getting started

    i have been flying drones for quite a bit now i have had a phantom and always played around with little drones that my brother had and i found them tonnes of fun, that being said i have discovered the racing scene and i am very interested and want to get more involved. i was looking to build a...
  12. rDp

    New to Drone Racing

    Hello Everyone! I've been a DJI Phantom Pilot (P2A & P4) since 2015 and have learned to really enjoy drone flying. I am now looking for a challenge and drone racing has an appeal. Yesterday, I purchased a RISE Vusion Extreme FPV 250 Race Pack and hope to find out about the sport with this...