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  1. Valrani

    Rates and PIDs - match Silverware firmware with simulator

    Hello, First of all I hope this question has not been asked many times on this forum, I'm also a total newbie in this hobby so I will do my best to be understandable :) So I bought my first FPV drone ever, the Betafpv Meteor 65 lite. The FC seems to use BETAFPV LiteSilverware firmware. I'm...
  2. Z

    Beta95x practice

  3. Z

    Beta95x SMO 4K test flight

  4. S

    Please Help - can't get BetaFPV and TinyHawk2 working

    Hi, hopefully someone can help as I am losing hair rapidly. I purchased locally here in New Zealand: BetaFPV LiteRadio 2 FrSky TinyHawk 2 BNF I am totally new to drones/quads so I read first that I need to bind them by changing the radio to D8, which I did, and then hit Bind on the radio and...