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BetaFPV Meteor 75pro Walksnail HD arming issue


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May 1, 2024
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Hello All,

I recently picked up a Meteor 75 Pro Walksnail HD version with the PNP F4 1S 5A AIO Brushless Flight Controller,
that has a SPI Rx built in but also has a Uart and sbus port for external receivers. I use a spektrum iX12 radio and purchased one of the mini SRXL2 DSMX Serial Micro Receiver, SPM4650 - I wired it up per many instructions online (red wire to 5v, blk wire to gnd, and signal wire to uart tx port on the receiver) In ports section of betaflight, I set uart 1 serialRx to enable, and for uart2, i set configuration/msp to enabled - telemetry, sensor input and peripherals are set to disabled - In receiver tab in betaflight, I set receiver mode to Serial via Uart, and set SPEKTRUM SRXL2 for serial receiver provider. The spektrum receiver has a bind button, so powering on FC and pressing button I get flashing light on receiver, binding from transmitter works as expected and pairs - power cycling the FC then shows a solid orange color and connects to radio - In betaflight I checked receiver tab and all controls respond to transmitter input as expected - I set stick low threshold and in modes tab I set ARM to the correct switch (button A on my radio) for arming - it shows red when the switch is one setting and grey on the other, which is expected (armed and disarmed) This is where things get odd - powering up the quad, throttle stick down, when pressing arm switch notthing happens - motors don't spool up. however if I press roll, pitch or yaw the motors respond when stick is deflected though it forces the quad downwards (perhaps motors are spinning in wrong direction) either way, I am still not getting throtte stick to respond.

The other issue I have not figured out is video to the walksnail hd goggles - I have them powered on and quad powered on - I see green flashing light on VTX and checked all channels but no signal :( I am pulling hair out trying to get this thing to work. I contacted Betafpv, vendor I purchased from and they have not responded :/ I am not a newbie to drones or RC been doing this for decades, so i'd like to think I am curious enough to try various things as I have the last day and a half, unfortunately with not much success. Reaching out to the vast community of fellow RC/drone enthusiasts, in hopes of getting this bird in the sky :)

Hoping anyone can share some things to check maybe I overlooked configurations in betaflight or has some experience with this specific quad/FC setup.

Thank you all in advance.


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