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  1. D_The_Producer

    Is there a way to calculate my Cinewhoop's MTOW or MTOM?

    Hi again friends! As I stated last week, I am new around here and also to the FPV world (though I'm an EASA certified pilot since last year and I am in several of this network of drone forums) I've been reading and watching videos like crazy the past few weeks but some questions still pop to my...
  2. D_The_Producer

    Help with "Eachine Cvatar 120 mm 6S" batteries, please

    Hi fellows! I'm new to this forum, but I'm also on Mavic Pilots, Commercial Pilots and Parrot Pilots (that's how I ended up here) After flying commercial drones I just bought an Eachine Cvatar 120 mm 6S to get myself into the Cinewhoop FPV world and I was wondering if someone could help me...
  3. B

    Can a CineWhoop Hover? (newbie Q)

    To date, I've only flown a Mavic 2 Pro and a Mini 2, but am looking at learning to fly a CineWhoop for interior real estate videos. I'm using the simulator Liftoff FPV to try to get the hang of it. Dumb question perhaps, but does a CineWhoop type drone have the ability to hover on its own...
  4. accelerated

    3 Inch cinewhoop 4k

  5. M

    Installing RDQ Micro M8N GLONASS GPS Module

    Hi guys, I need help with Installing RDQ Micro M8N GLONASS GPS Module to my cinewhoop + some explanation how to use it. I'm in Los Angeles. Thanks