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drone build

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    Help First Drone

    Hello, i have been wanting to build a drone and didn't know where to start. After a small bit of research i came up with the following components. Can someone with experience give the list a look over and tell me if this setup will do or not? ============================================ Frame...
  2. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

  3. N

    5 inch

    Hi, I want to build a rc drone between 150$-200$, this will be my second drone, someone can help?:) (Im with tranis qx7)
  4. N

    Drone 150$

    Hi guys, i want buy rc drone between 150-200$ , someone?
  5. accelerated

    3 Inch cinewhoop 4k

  6. 1

    Need help buying the correct parts for my first racing drone.

    Hi, So I have not been keeping up with the fpv drone racing world for quite some time now (3 years? been a while), but now I have some free time to build something. Here is what I know I want for my drone: fast, smooth, and efficient. - A 250 size drone on the zmr250 frame. Is there anything...
  7. A

    Connecting CC3D to Board - Need Advice!

    I took apart my Eachine Falcons 250 so I can use some of the parts to build another drone. I took the CC3D flight controller from my old drone and want to connect it to a new board. I realized that the CC3d Flight controller have these pins that I used to just plug into my old board. But the...