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drone parts

  1. P

    Building my first freestyle quad

    Hey this is my first post on this forum hopefully you can help me. So actually im not new to flying FPV but its my first time ever building my own. I looked for some parts the whole day so here is what i came up with: Frame: ImpulseRC Apex 5" HD Freestyle Frame Motors: FPVCYCLE 25MM IMPERIAL...
  2. dalissonfigueiredo

    beginner choosing flight controller

    Hi, I am build my very first drone. I already have some parts: . 4 ESCs Emax 20A . 4 2000kv motors. . power distribution board. I wanna buy my flight controller next, I am thinking about the kakute f7 or the kakute h7. Could a flight controller be incompatible with a ESC? Are there any...
  3. CarolinaCarbonFiber

    Carbon Fiber CNC Services

    My brother and I are lifelong r/c enthusiast located in North Carolina and we wanted to share our CNC services to those in the drone sector. Why We Are Different Carolina Carbon Fiber specializes in converting unique ideas into reality. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by delivering an...