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Building my first freestyle quad


Jan 15, 2022
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Hey this is my first post on this forum hopefully you can help me.
So actually im not new to flying FPV but its my first time ever building my own. I looked for some parts the whole day so here is what i came up with:
Frame: ImpulseRC Apex 5" HD Freestyle Frame
Motors: FPVCYCLE 25MM IMPERIAL MOTOR (1870kv) or the Mr Steele V4 (any other suggestions? I would love some white motors)
DJI Air Unit Digital FPV System
FC Stack: iFlight SucceX-D Mini F7 TwinG-Stack or the iFlight SucceX-D F7 V2.1-Stack (F7+60A ESC) or the MAMBA Stack DJI F722 MK2 (dont know which one out of those is "the best")
Receiver: TBS Crossfire receiver
(I already got a Tango 2 pro)
Which parts should i choose and do i need anything else for my build?
By the way i want to fly freestyle and maybe some fast and smooth filming (skiing and bikepark)
Thanks for any help!!!
Looks good, I would choose the FPVCycle motors. Also the obvious like LiPo's, Crossfire module, props, charger.
what about the Holybro Kakute F7 HDV? Is it any better than any of those stacks ive mentioned?
Okay some update after todays intense research (really did nothing else then watch youtube and search around)
i found the caddx air unit with the original dji camera to be a better choice since i dont need any onboard dvr and the less weight the better. So with that i choose the normal apex 5" frame
still dont know which stack to go with since i also found the geprc span f722 hd in the same price range

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