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drone racing

  1. G


    NIT Goa is organizing a drone racing competition on 7th and 8th March under it's annual Techno-Cultural fest Saavyas '20. The total prize money for the event is 50,000! We invite all the fpv drone racers out there! (It's an open for all competition) For more details, please contact on...
  2. D

    DJI Phantom 3 Iceland Ship

  3. OAS Hobby

    Cobra CPL2207 2600KV Racing Edition Brushless Motors

    Has anyone read or seen these things?! WOW!! these motors have been our new go to motor since they have been released. The 1600g MAX thrust is amazing and they perform so well with the HQ 5x4.8x3 props. *** Don't mind the auction part I pulled this from Cobra :)**
  4. C

    Essex Drone Racing Arena - the best venue for drone racing in Essex

    Hi guys. I'm launching a dedicated drone racing arena on a private 3 acre site in Essex. It is fully equipped with electricity for charging, food, drink and cool background music to get the atmosphere going It has multiple race circuits with varying levels of difficulty, trees posts and many...
  5. P

    Eachine Racer 250 - switching flight modes

    Hello, I bought an Eachine racer 250 and I have one problem: I can't switch between flight modes so I can fly only with basic flight mode. Flipping through the positions and twisting with the dials is not working. Maybe there aren't even installed other modes or I have to activate them or...
  6. E

    Drone not working :c

    I bought the Wizzard x220 arf and it arrived today. I built it together and everything was working fine. The FPV system worked, the charger worked and everything was fine. After that I configured the drone in Betaflight and did the motor test and the motors were fine. The reciever also gets a...
  7. A

    Drone Racing Pilots near Düsseldorf

    Hello everyone, I've got into drone racing a few months ago and I was wondering, as I can't see any, if there were any pilots near me. I am currently in the Düsseldorf area and if there is anyone near here please let me know.
  8. raymonFPV

    Autumn sun FPV freestyle



    Hi everyone, We are students from Birmingham City University currently working on Xtreme Drone Racing (a ps4 game) and Xtreme Drone Racing Micro (a tablet game) as part of our assignment. Race against 40 other drones, pass the checkpoints and become the fastest Xtreme Drone Racer!! As well as...