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  1. racin44

    esc motor issue

    Im building a bicopter. I set all settings up as i have read on the net. have 2 emax rs2205 and a skystars f411 hd flight controller stack. When i have it plugged into betaflight, the motors spin normal. But when I use my transmitter 1 motor jitters, then stops and esc beeps twice, then motor...
  2. C

    Noob here. need help binding Hawk Pro to my Emax E8 Transmitter.

    So i just got a new-to-me Hawk Pro. Im upgrading from the tinyhawk 2 freestyle. but im using their Emax E8 Transmitter. it should all be Frsky compatible but it doesnt seem to want to pair. and theres not enough videos online about these problems. i cant tell if there are any LEDs on the top...
  3. C

    Just getting started

    Let me begin with I have no experience with drones. I have been watching videos of fpv drones for a while and I would like to give it a shot. Problem is I don’t have a ton of money to throw into it right now so I have been looking at the betafpv Cetus pro as an rtf kit to get me started. While...
  4. Reddley

    Emax Drone Battery issues, figured it out.

    I purchased the Emax Hawk Pro one month ago. The battery's I got for it are the Zee 4s 120c "Graphene" Lipo two pack, and I have an issue and a question I need help with. So from all of my knowledge of lipo battery's are that each cell is 3.7v and is dead at 3.0v based on all of the Traxxas and...