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    Very bad signal after a few feet, after a little crash on the ground (Nazgul5 - EV800D)

    Hello, i hope you can help me! Here some pictures and a video: and Since i crashed some days ago (doing a little scratch on the supply wire), there's a very bad signal after a few meters. I changed today the pigtail between VTX and antenna (mmcx to sma), but nothing. So i'm waiting 2 new same...
  2. R

    Problem with EV800D Eachine Googles.

    Hi guys. I am new to this forum and to FPV. So my googles have just arrived yesterday, I used it without any problem. I leave it charging during the night and today once I woke up I've tried to use it. Now it won't turn off anymore, neither it is playing my recorded videos from yesterday or it...