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  1. K

    One ESC out of Four Doesn't Appear in BLHeli Configurator

    Hi all! So... I have been into FPV drones for ~2 years after my uncle gave me one. It worked great for a little bit (after I fixed it up), but I have had to replace all the parts over the winter, because the build was ≥8 years old. Here is my setup now: SpeedyBee F405V3 with 4in1 ESC Stack...
  2. K

    Can't Bind Jumper T-Lite with RadioMaster RP3

    Hi all! I have been banging my head on a brick wall for the past several hours; I can't get my transmitter to bind with my receiver! What I have is a completely new unused Jumper T-Lite (with expresslrs builtin) and a new unused RadioMaster RP3 receiver. I have followed Oscar Liang's tutorial...