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  1. M

    FS: FatShark Dominator V3's

    Im seeking to sell a pair of practically brand new Fat Shark Dominator V3's. Contact me @ [email protected] or text me at (757)-794-2259 or (757)-533-1683 Price including shipping ~ (450$ obo) Dont be afraid to shoot me your offer, the cost reflects the additions to the goggle. I am...
  2. devin120

    Big sale of all my 2017 racing gear

    Link to the Add on Ebay I'm going to take a break from racing and fly my helis and planks. So, I'm putting everything I have up online starting at 10 or 1 cent. No reserve 7 day auction. Please check feedback on ebay. Thanks! Will trade for PC graphics cards - Can remove from ebay if a...
  3. J

    Help with my FPV signal!!!!!

    Hi everyone. So I need some advice if possible. I have just built a new racing drone everything works fine apart from my FPV feed it's awful. I have a TBS unify pro vtx with a tbs triumph antenna my camera is a swift 2 all connected to a betaflight f3 fc. I have signal coming through to a...
  4. J

    1st Quad Probs

    Hey everyone! I've been into rc for the past 15 years or so off and on but I've only raced rc cars so this is a HUGE transition to say the least. I recently purchased a drone off of eBay (slowly starting to regret that) and I've ran into a few problems: First and foremost, the camera isn't...
  5. D

    How to connect Fatshark Dom V3 to a Macbook Pro and use simulator?

    Hello all. Just got my Fatshark Dom V3s. I want to connect to my Mac so I can practice flying before I actually fly the real deal. What cables do I need? The cable and the adaptor came with the FS did not work? What am I missing? Also, once I get it up and running, what app is the best to...