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flight controller not working

  1. stefanpala

    FC overheats when plugged in BetaFlight

    Hello I've taken my drone out for a spin. Just to mention I have 0 experience with flying and couldn't get a simulator before I got too curious. It was a good flight, a couple of soft crashes, and all the controls and LED's were fine. Later when I got the drone clean, except for the beat-up...
  2. R

    Mamba Flight Stack, Green Light, No Power to Receiver or VTX Help Please!

    So as you guys here can see in the photos, my new mamba f405 Mk2 with the 40a matching ESC's and flight controller is not working. To elaborate on my current problem, when I plug in the battery there is a Green, White and feint red light on the Flight controller and I only get the first 3 beeps...