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Sep 15, 2023
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Hi everyone,

a few days ago I crashed my iFlight Nazgul5 V3. I broke fans, one arm and a motor (it is stucked but still wired), all of which are very easy to replace.
Unfortunately now when i try to connect the BLITZ F7 onboard controller (v1.1) to my laptop (Windows 11) I cannot see it as serial port (it's not even listed as 'other device' in the Windows device manager tab). Previously on the same pc I could connect it easily to Betaflight and change parameters.
Moreover when I plug the 6s battery in, the controller turns on and does the usual sequence of buzzer sounds apart from the last one which is different (lower pitch note than usual). Looking at the wiring diagram and checking the LEDs I found out that 3.3V & MCU, 5V BEC and Vbat turn on, but FC doesn't start up correctly (Blue LED is off):
LEDs diagram.png
Open the attached video to see the complete behaviour when the battery is plugged in.
Just so you know, in the video when I plug the battery I still have the broken motor attached (maybe it has something to do with my problem?).
So I am wondering if I can do anything to restore the serial port communication and see what's wrong. Otherwise if I have to replace it, how difficult would it be to reconfigure and calibrate everything (yes I am quite new to FPV :) ).

Thank you soo much for your time.


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Hello! Did you ever solve this issue? I just finished a brand new build with the same FC and I’m having the same issues. Please advise. Thank you!

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