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flysky fs-i6

  1. B

    Flysky FS-I6 Controller Not "Fully" Binding to FS-IA6

    Hello all, I recently got into FPV drones and purchased a kit from a local seller on Facebook Marketplace. Everything seems to be working fine but the Flysky FS-i6 controller will not "fully" bind to the FS-iA6 receiver. I have read multiple forum posts and watched the videos out there but...
  2. F

    Connecting Flysky FS-i6 to computer?

    I bought this cable from Banggood, but I can't get it to work. (Kind of sucks after eagerly waiting for their 30 day shipping, with nothing to do and all my quads out of order, also requiring very long shipping times.) I'm guessing I was supposed to use these cables that seem to have an audio...
  3. A

    Flysky FS-I6 giving Eachine Wizard X220 incorrect input

    Hello! Today, I finally received my Eachine Wizard X220 RTF and I started setting it up immediately. I've followed tutorials, which went through all the settings on the fs-i6 and the settings in bètaflight aswell. Despite rewatching multiple tutorials I keep having the same problem: On the...