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fpv drone

  1. A

    Please HELP - GPS not locking satellites

    Hi guys, am Ronnie, I'm new to fpv hobby - i build my first drone Speedybee master 5 V3 with Speedybee F7 V3 stack etc. i bought "Flywoo Goku M10 mini V3 gps" below mention is the problem am facing, please help me I'm very eager to fly this drone. - All connections are wired correctly. - At...
  2. Mepsking

    FPV motor

    How about FPV Motor? I have try meps fpv motor 2207. Do you guys have other better recommendation for a 5 inch racing motor? Thanks!!
  3. Mepsking

    FPV motor

    How about FPV Motor? I think 2207 motor is good. Do you guys have other better recommendation for a 5 inch racing motor? Thanks!!
  4. Mepsking

    The FPV Racing Motor

    The FPV Racing Motor| What to consider when choosing a 5inch racing motor for fpv drone?What is the best choice for the newbie?
  5. Mepsking

    How to choose best parts for 5 inch freestyle FPV and how to buid it?

    How to choose fpv freestyle motor and how to buid a drone? For newbies or hobbyists who want to build a FPV Drone of their own, the guide to building a drone with 5 inch freestyle motor is very helpful. The article is about Creating 5inch Freestyle FPV Drone a Guide to Building and Flying. Hope...
  6. D

    Skyzone 020 goggles wont turn on after update

    My Skyzone 020 goggles were working just fine until I tried to update. After updating my goggles, they wont turn on now. Im thinking I might of put the wrong update onto it due to being new to FPV. I ended up putting the steadyview V3.4 onto it. Could someone please give me some guidance on what...
  7. D

    New to FPV

    Hi, im new to FPV and just wanted to know. Will a Zorro ELRS version controller bind to the iflight Titan XL5 Dji gps w/Caddx air unit polar? Thanks
  8. I

    [SOLD] Fully Outfitted DJI FPV System

    I've been laid off for a while and need to sell my complete FPV kit. It is truly barely used with easily less than 10 flights and only a few battery cycles. It's basically brand new and perfect. Full set of pics Note that the decals are easily removed. - DJI FPV Combo kit ($1299) - 2 x DJI...
  9. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

  10. M

    ESC Calibration with Naze32/Littlebee30A/Cleanflight)

    Hello guys, i am having a rough time training to build a quad. While i wait for my own parts, i have a old quad here to train on and i had to swap out the ESCs. The quad flew fine before. Main parts : -F1 Naze 32 rev6 FC -Littlebee 30A ESC x4 with Bl heli rev 14.9 flashed on all 4 ( was 2x...
  11. T

    I dont know whats wrong with my fpv racing drone!

    So I've got a problem with my fpv drone I had a solid red light on my drones flight controller ler so I looked it up online and every where it said it was a cooked flight controller so I bought a new one put it in after a month of waiting and it's the exact same problem I don't know what's up...
  12. L

    Racing Quad less than 250 grams with FPV, Action Camera and GPS

    Hi Friends, I have successfully built a professional micro racing quad(150mm) weighing less than 250 grams that also accommodates FPV, Action Camera and GPS. I have made a video of the same and uploaded it on Youtube. Please take a look and send your comments for improvement. Below is the...
  13. accelerated

    3 Inch cinewhoop 4k

  14. accelerated

    Finally did a power loop, plus some 7 inch footage.

  15. accelerated

    Just some simple freestyle flying...or trying to.

  16. KerniFPV

    Cinematic Edit

    Hi and Hello I´m new here hope it is okay to post here, Spent the last weeks (bad wheater) to improve my edit skills so I hope that you like that video from me :)
  17. I

    Hi all, looking for some help with a quad I'm building.

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to FPV flying and currently learning to fly on a Sim (I do have experience with LOS flying). I'm also in the process of buying the parts to make a freestyle drone of my own. But I need some help with choosing my parts. I have a chassis which I already purchased and...