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fpv freestyle

  1. Mepsking

    How to choose best parts for 5 inch freestyle FPV and how to buid it?

    How to choose fpv freestyle motor and how to buid a drone? For newbies or hobbyists who want to build a FPV Drone of their own, the guide to building a drone with 5 inch freestyle motor is very helpful. The article is about Creating 5inch Freestyle FPV Drone a Guide to Building and Flying. Hope...
  2. F

    newbie trying to build their first fpv race drone

    I am a newbie to the fpv drone world, I have previous experience with drones(dji mavic's and stuff like that) but I wanted to get into fpv drone freestyle. I'm currently trying to pick out parts to build my own but I'm lost. A few questions I have are 1) Do you need 1 brushless esc for each...
  3. M

    Beach drone freestyle Porec Croatia

  4. I

    Hi all, looking for some help with a quad I'm building.

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to FPV flying and currently learning to fly on a Sim (I do have experience with LOS flying). I'm also in the process of buying the parts to make a freestyle drone of my own. But I need some help with choosing my parts. I have a chassis which I already purchased and...
  5. rtkDarling


    Just some more messing around. I laugh every time I hear this song. "BRANCHES!!" By the way, Vimeo is interesting. Lots of limits, but better quality than youtube...
  6. Legend FPV

    Windmill Vs Racing Drone part# 2

    Had a chance to hit up the ol' windmill farm again. The weather was perfect and windless! I had a blast practicing some new moves. Check it out!
  7. Legend FPV

    Flying in the upside down - Stranger Things

    So with all the hype surrounding Stranger Things, and the recent string of videos from top pilots ripping Hawking's Lab, it had me thinking how cool it would be to rip "the upside down"! This is my version of that. Enjoy ;)
  8. K

    Flip and Rolling

    This is my 2nd month flying FPV. I have been flying LOS for like 7 months. Nothing excited about this video.. Cheer!
  9. Legend FPV

    Diving a Wind Turbine (Almost cut my drone in half)

  10. Legend FPV

    Do you like power loops, and mind bending rolls? Check out my latest video till the end!

  11. Legend FPV

    Concrete is scary/Construction site FPV

  12. OAS Hobby

    Cobra CPL2207 2600KV Racing Edition Brushless Motors

    Has anyone read or seen these things?! WOW!! these motors have been our new go to motor since they have been released. The 1600g MAX thrust is amazing and they perform so well with the HQ 5x4.8x3 props. *** Don't mind the auction part I pulled this from Cobra :)**
  13. Legend FPV

    New to the thread! Happy flying.