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  1. Shaznoid

    FPV Rip@ Holiday Inn EXPRESS & Suites, Goshen Indiana #nostab

    Three packs to start the day. Drone: Mobula 6 HD Goggles: SkyZone 02C Transmitter: Taranis Q-X7 + IRangeX 4 in 1 module Batteries: Gaoneng 1S 380mAh
  2. Shaznoid

    🇺🇸 Memorial Day 2024

  3. Shaznoid

    🥅 NET! NET! NET! 🥅

    Oh no, another long format dose of motion sickness from Shaznoid. This video is not stabilized, should it be? I can feel my drone powers are getting stronger with each flight.
  4. Obsidian Triniti

    US- Houston, Texas - Looking to fly with others

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of any meetups or simply FPV pilots who want to meet up to fly in the general Houston area? I typically fly at George Bush park in Houston and occasionally see FPV quads but I can never find the pilots. I have a couple of years experience and just want to...
  5. accelerated

    Finally did a power loop, plus some 7 inch footage.

  6. L

    MD pilot looking for people to fly with

    Hi everyone, My name is Chris, I live west of Baltimore out in Carroll County and am trying to find some people to fly with. I flew fixed wing with my dad for years as a kid growing up, but eventually faded away from it. Bought myself a toy drone for Christmas years ago and have accumulated a...
  7. R

    Fpv discord server

    Come join the Fpv Discord server via this link: Join the Multi Copters Discord Server!
  8. rtkDarling

    Overwater Dub

    This is just a chill edit of some scary flying :)
  9. viper0424

    Intoduce myself :)

    Hello. Guys!! My name is Mave and from Korea. And I am doing freestyle play. I joined here to make drone play is more enjoyable and learn more. I look forward to your kind supports. :) Below is my flight video. Please let me advise anything. Thanks!
  10. M

    Freestyle Bando - Brasil

  11. M

    Hello from Brasil

    Hi all, I am another FPV freestyle/racing addict!! More than 30 years having serious fun with modelism: R/C Helicopter, Airplane, Jets... But now FPV Drone racer!! Hope to fly together with you guys around the world in my next trip i will bring with me my kwads for sure!! Regards, Marcelo. My...
  12. rtkDarling

    Ongoing thing

    This is an edit that's dedicated to anyone who ever lost a quad. We've been caught up trees, and drown overnight, but we're still flying! (Starts out in DVR, graduates to HD, all set to music) Please leave a comment! DVR: 3" Toothfairy, GepRC 1408s, Spedx flytower, gemfan30523 HD:6" Flosstyle...
  13. S

    Getting into the hobby

    Hello, I own a Mavic and love to film with it and i also fly model RC planes. And now that if seen these racing quads I want to get into the hobby. I know how to build one and I've looked at many videos online. So my question is, can anyone reccomend some parts or even a build? I know I wana...
  14. GarridoZ

    FREESTYLE OVER THE WATER // TBS Mr. Steele motors

  15. Legend FPV

    Miniquad Racetrack!!! Super windy, but fun as ****! Enjoy ;)

  16. raymonFPV

    Winter wonderland 2017 nature edit

    The winter has arrived here in the Netherlands! I went back to one of my favorite pine forests to film and fly! At this time of year this is a very magical place to be! I've tried to capture this beauty in this video! Hope you like it :)
  17. GarridoZ

    60º TILT FPV CAM

    1 Lipo under the bridge whith Matttricks and 60º tilt. Feel free to subscribe if you do and thanks for watching.
  18. GarridoZ

    Hola! from Barcelona

    Hello! I'm GarridoZ from Barcelona, Spain. I am 29 years old and I have been piloting for 2 years. I belong to the DDC Squad team. http://dronesdecarreras.com/ I love racing but what I like most is freestyle. Greetings and happy flights!
  19. raymonFPV

    How to stay relaxed while flying

    After my 'How to fly smooth' video I got a lot of comments and questions. A lot of people are having issues with staying calm while flying. So I made a video on the subject! Hope it can help some of you!
  20. raymonFPV

    Trick tutorial 6: the sideway flip

    I've made another trick tutorial for you guys! Hope it can be helpful for some of you! This time I am showing you the sideway flip!