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  1. B

    Need a direct line with a knowledgeable pilot who has time for about 15 questions regarding tx/rx choices. And a few other things.

    Ok so I’m newly transitioning into fpv quads and I have a bunch of questions regarding radio link protocols and camera setups. Anyone who has the time/knowledge/and willingness to help me please email me @[email protected] so we can exchange numbers. It’s much too much for a thread...
  2. J

    XM+ blinking red light problem

    Hey all, I decided to tryout the Nazgul5 as my friend bought one and let me fly it-- I thought it was pretty smooth. Now there are some problems with mine... When I try to bind my XM+ receiver to my Taranis qx7 I get green-red solid lights. I stop the bind process and re-power my quad, which...
  3. R

    Frsky R-XSR Bidding Issues.

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to FPV and after some (a lot) of practice on simulators I finally bought my first real quad. However, I am having problems with binding my Taranis QX7 to my brand new Frsky R-XSR. The issue I am having is basically that the receiver does not go into Binding...
  4. FrankV01

    Antenna Pulled off FrSky XM+ Receiver

    I just noticed that one of the two Antennas had been ripped off the receiver. How might I re-attach it? Can I solder it or should I replace the receiver? Mind you, it's only $13 so replacement is fine if that is better.
  5. K

    Betaflight disconnect my drone when I power up my controller

    I am trying to setup my very first fpv drone. I have a hawk 5 and I followed this tutorial: My controller and drone seems to pair since my drone shows the green light constantly when I power up my Frsky q x7 controller. But if i connect my drone to betaflight using mac I can see all tabs and...
  6. D

    Brand new Special Edition of the FrSky Taranis X9D+SE!

    Here's a quick review on the Brand new Taranis X9D+SE If youre looking to pick up a new radio, I highly suggest looking into this radio, I own both an original X9D and the new SE, and wow the difference is like night and day. It is truly an amazing transmitter.
  7. D

    Any Frsky Horus users?

    Anyone using the Horus here? I am in the market for a radio. Many use and suggest the Taranis, due to better range and reliability compared to the Spectrums. I just don't like the menu system and the cheap feel and look. Horus looks like it is a better radio, better gimbals, nicer build...