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full manual

  1. pedz

    Flight Simulator for DJI FPV Controller 2

    I want to learn how to fly in manual mode. People suggested doing it via a Flight Simulator. So here are my strike outs so far: 1. The DJI Virtual Flight works only with the FPV Goggles V2 -- I guess. I have the Goggle 2 (the ones that were originally bundled with the Avata). So, it never...
  2. S

    One of my first flights in full manual (with a group called Drone Fanatics

    Since around two weeks I'v been flying in full manual mode with my DJI FPV. At first very scary, but now after practicing (also within DJI Virtual Flight) I'm getting better at it. I still fly high to be safe, so hopefully soon I'll post some low (and high-speed) videos. Here is one from me...