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  1. Hummingbird.UAV

    iFlight DC5 Drone Day 7 - Series Final

    Last series post for flying the new drone. Got a little disoriented at the end and did a tail slide into some trees. Hard to believe how fast this machine is. At half throttle it will be going 93 kph. (26 m/s) Onboard video recording failed again. Will format it in the air unit and hope it...
  2. Hummingbird.UAV

    iFlight DC5 Drone - Day 4

    Bright blue sky and 1°C with low wind made for a good time to fly the new drone. iFlight DC5 with Holybro F7 Stack and DJI's FPV system. This is my first drone controlled from the black DJI transmitter. This was another good day of practice.
  3. Hummingbird.UAV

    A Drone with something new and something old

    Finished the assembly of a new drone. iFlight DC5 with a Holybro stack that plugs directly into the DJI FPV system. Finally get to try out the black transmitter. Using all the default settings in BetaFlight. Had the Snail motors sitting in a box for over a couple of years. Really like the...