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  1. S

    Matek F405-OSD dies during normal flight with no reason?

    Dear FPV community, Some judgement would be appreciated. I got a betaflight quad on FC Matek F405-OSD. After 35 seconds of normal flight, I get an RX LOSS warning on the OSD, with the video feed from the camera was still coming. The quad fell into the grass at a distance of 30 meters from me...
  2. GiantAntCowboy

    Tractors, poop, and seagulls. Let’s go!

    Just a fun video I shot of local farmers fertilizing last week. Got some very cool bird footage as well! Feedback and tips welcome! Farming in Norway part 1: I’m still testing things with the setup but the ultimate goal is to fly the mountains seen in the background this spring/summer. Wish...