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  1. T

    Matek F405-STD s1 and s3 not working

    Its my first build, I am not sure if I can fix this. So after connecting the battery no smoke it was relief and connected to Betaflight config motor rotation that time I noticed that motor 1 and 3 not working so I tested s1 and s3 with multimeter apparently no signal is coming comparing to...
  2. MMightywren

    Mobula7 motors buggered

    Hi everybody, my Mobula7 has 2 faulty motors and when I swap them around I've found there is nothing wrong with the board. Are there any good replacements around or do I stick to the original motors and where can I get them from please. Thank you
  3. S

    Motor 2,3 Stuck at max rpm

    Hello, I have a problem with 2 motors on my fpv drone I recently built. Everything works fine until I arm the drone and give it some throttle. Arming works perfectly good the motors are all spinning at the same rpm's. When I apply some throttle (about 10%) I just lose control and there is the...
  4. G

    1st build, i'm having problems with motors/esc

    hi this is my 1st fpv drone build and i am having some issue with motors/ esc. i mounted a Matek AIO F4 Flight Controller + PDB 4*30A + Bateflight OSD, motors Emax RS2306 - 2400KV, esc T-MOTOR F30A ESC-BLHeli 32BIT-2S-4S - DSHOT 1200 the reciever bind, i have the video on goggles, plugging the...
  5. OAS Hobby

    Cobra CPL2207 2600KV Racing Edition Brushless Motors

    Has anyone read or seen these things?! WOW!! these motors have been our new go to motor since they have been released. The 1600g MAX thrust is amazing and they perform so well with the HQ 5x4.8x3 props. *** Don't mind the auction part I pulled this from Cobra :)**
  6. J

    1st Quad Probs..... Motors and Esc Speeds & Arming :(

    Hey everyone. So I've finished my 1st quad today. I have this set up. Armattan Chameleon Frame Matek F45 FC Matek PDB Cobra 2207 Motors Blheli 30amp Escs Everything's hooked up an kicking with regards to receiver video feed etc. So here's my problem, when I arm my motors only two of them...