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1st Quad Probs..... Motors and Esc Speeds & Arming :(


Jun 20, 2017
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Hey everyone.

So I've finished my 1st quad today.

I have this set up.

Armattan Chameleon Frame
Matek F45 FC
Matek PDB
Cobra 2207 Motors
Blheli 30amp Escs

Everything's hooked up an kicking with regards to receiver video feed etc.

So here's my problem, when I arm my motors only two of them run on a motor test in BetaFlight they all work fine.

Ideally I want to arm the motors and I want then all to spin up ready for lift off, I know I can do this but I'm just a little confused with the settings in BetaFlight and Blheli Suite.

Any help with this would be great!!!!!

Thank you.
Hey thanks for posting.

Min Throttle is 1162
Esc set to 1152 as that's when they all seem to run smooth on the motor test in Betaflight

When I power the quad up and arm it the motors don't spin at all until I increase throttle and then when I do increase throttle I have to move the stick about quarter way up (which feels strange) and the only motor that seems to spin first is the back right motor until I increase the throttle even further and then the other seem to start but they don't seem in sync.

I know this is probably an obvious fix but it confuses the **** out of me??

Thanks any help appreciated.
Did you set your throttle range on your radio? Use the radio's sub-trim and endpoint menus while watching the receiver tab in betaflight. It should read 1000us at min, 1500us for middle and 2000us for max on all channels.
Yep done that but now my quad motors don't spin up at all?


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Have you calibrated the ESC's? Even if you did, it might be worth doing again. TAKE OFF PROPS and...

1. Quad battery unplugged, connect to betaflight
2. Motors tab, accept warning, max throttle on all motors
3. Plug in quad battery, wait for beeps
4. Set throttle to min on all motors, wait for beeps
5. Unplug quad battery
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Man that worked! if only I'd of known about that way to do it thanks so much!

Although my motors now all seem to fire up when armed they don't seem in sync two motors don't look like they are working at the same speed.

I tried to fly it today and this happened (see video) it just spun in circles and I lost control. Any ideas? The props are on the correct way round and the motors are turning in the correct direction.

Make sure you have the ESC signal wires coming from the FC hooked up so the numbered locations match the picture in betaflight. Also make sure your channel map for your radio is correct, so that your sticks are doing the right commands. This should include checking that no channels are in reverse direction.
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You are a GURU....

Hey how is that Stars and Stripes going?

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