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    Very poor video quality with Eachine EV800DM and iFlight Nazgul5

    Hello, I'm new to FPV drones and have my first setup with Eachine EV800DM goggles and an iFlight Nazgul5 V2 Analog 6S. I was able to setup the drone and bind it to my radio. I was also able to get it to connect to my goggles, but the video quality is very poor. If I hold the goggles within...
  2. A

    Very bad signal after a few feet, after a little crash on the ground (Nazgul5 - EV800D)

    Hello, i hope you can help me! Here some pictures and a video: and Since i crashed some days ago (doing a little scratch on the supply wire), there's a very bad signal after a few meters. I changed today the pigtail between VTX and antenna (mmcx to sma), but nothing. So i'm waiting 2 new same...