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  1. FrankV01

    Liftoff (bare with me regarding the post in FC)

    So, I'm fairly new to quads. I've got some time in the air and some in simulators (both DRL and Liftoff). But, I'm still learning a lot every day but mostly details and nuances at this point. This brings me to a question. How effective is Liftoff in simulating (& replicating the results) of...
  2. raymonFPV

    How to tune your kwad | PIDs explained VLOG

    Hey whats up guys! I know it's been too long since i've been around here. I was working on some new video's! This is my latest vid! Hope it will help some of you!!
  3. raymonFPV

    Watch me tune my quad!

  4. T

    Quad Tuning, Please Help!!

    Hey, you guys, I have been working oni my quad for almost 2 years now and I still can't get the pids down. I am trying to get my quad to do tight rolls, flips, and be the best it can be. Plase, help. Please, all tips are welcome!!!!
  5. M

    A little help please!

    s and im having a hard time getting the results I would like from google searches and youtube about PID tuning. Im using cleanflight. I fly an angle mode because Im learning still and I plan to get out of it once my simulator comes in. BUT for now: I have 2 problems, your help is greatly...