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A little help please!

Michael M

May 5, 2016
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s and im having a hard time getting the results I would like from google searches and youtube about PID tuning. Im using cleanflight.
I fly an angle mode because Im learning still and I plan to get out of it once my simulator comes in.
BUT for now:

I have 2 problems, your help is greatly appreciated.

1: My quad drifts in the wind very easily. How can i fix this? Heres the catch. In PID tuning, the P is the only thing changeable in angle. So how do i increase the I so it drifts less in angle?

2: When I release the stick, it just keeps drifting and drifting. If i throttle forward and release, it keeps going. Even if I do this going staight into the wind, it will keep drifting in that direction. My P mode is set at 11.5 under the angle catagory! Im not getting any vibrations. What can I do for these two? Please help, THANKS!!

Oh yea, I have active breaking on my motors. Would this effect it?
I think a lot more info is needed to diagnose your issue theses things can be aggravating even a loose screw or wrong mounting of the flight control balanced props. Center of gravity I would go back and make sure your balanced and redo all clean flight and accel recalibration I'm pretty sure that was my end of building after a year was when I began to tune or attempt to lol. Great learning experience but I like flying more than tweeting and fixing so I went with TBS equipment them boys know what their doing and I don't so if that helps I wish you good luck
In angle mode you will keep having drift issues in the wind. Angle mode only corrects for the level of your quad not winds. I will advice you to learn to fly in acro mode. You can lower the rates and increase the expo a bit. The thing is when learning in angle mode, once you gained the confidence to fly in acro, you will have to learn to fly all over again.
Yes sir to every one time on the sticks and crash university fix university and eventually you will push the envelope

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