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  1. R

    Turnigy 9X Compatibility Question

    So I built a quad years ago using a frsky x4r receiver and the frsky XJT transmitter in my turnigy 9x radio. I'm building a new drone and ordered a bunch of new parts and got the FrSky R9 Mini receiver and FrSky R9M transmitter after not understanding if any new receivers worked with the XJT I...
  2. Y

    Can the BetaFPV 95x-v3 cinewhoop run on 3S?

    Hello, I want to buy my first drone, the betafpv 95x v3, I already have some high capacity 3S lipos that I use for other drones, they weight around 180g each. I want to know if the cinewhoop would fly on batteries like these or I need to buy special 4s small batteries from betaFPV?