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  1. J

    XM+ blinking red light problem

    Hey all, I decided to tryout the Nazgul5 as my friend bought one and let me fly it-- I thought it was pretty smooth. Now there are some problems with mine... When I try to bind my XM+ receiver to my Taranis qx7 I get green-red solid lights. I stop the bind process and re-power my quad, which...
  2. Z

    Problem Binding the Mobula 7 to QX7

    I have been struggling to get my quad into the air and think that here might be a good place to get some advice. I recently received the Mobula 7 quad. It has the XM+ receiver module which I believe uses the EU LBT firmware. I therefore flashed the this firmware onto the OS of the QX7 (it...
  3. L

    Taranis QX7 Roll issue

    My controller and quad is working perfectly apart from the roll. As you can see in the video there is a huge slow smoothing to the roll which makes it unusable. As well as the stick not coming back to center quickly. I have done my best to look into Betaflight and the controller settings but...
  4. M

    [fixed] New taranis qx7 wont turn on

    I ordered a qx7 from gearbest and it arrived today, but it wont turn on. I don't have any other batteries so I just used AA batteries. This is my first transmitter, but I'm pretty sure I have set it up correctly so far.