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  1. R

    KINGKONG LDARC 200gt 200 MM FPV Racing Drone/ FRSKY XM+ Reciever

    1- 200Gt Drone 1- Frsky XM+ Reciever 1- Set of motor guards. 5- Sets of Props 2- Batteries Drone Flies Great, Son more into cars now!!? KINGKONG LDARC 200gt 200 MM FPV Racing Drone/ FRSKY XM+ Reciever | eBay
  2. A

    What is Drone Racing missing?

    Hey guys, Chuck me a few ideas on what you think Drone Racing is missing? What's the Cons, whats the Pros?
  3. clackey

    New Yuneec HD Racer

    HD RACER YUNEEC HD Racer | Overview - Yuneec from Yuneec Unveils Three New Drones at Once: A Racer, A Fixed Wing, and the Typhoon H Plus - UAV Coach The HD Racer, Yuneec’s first racing drone, fits in the palm of your hand. It comes with built-in flight stabilization, and beginner and advanced...
  4. P

    Eachine Racer 250 - switching flight modes

    Hello, I bought an Eachine racer 250 and I have one problem: I can't switch between flight modes so I can fly only with basic flight mode. Flipping through the positions and twisting with the dials is not working. Maybe there aren't even installed other modes or I have to activate them or...
  5. A

    Drone Racing Pilots near Düsseldorf

    Hello everyone, I've got into drone racing a few months ago and I was wondering, as I can't see any, if there were any pilots near me. I am currently in the Düsseldorf area and if there is anyone near here please let me know.
  6. Aerial Photography Drone

    Come fly with me in Virginia

    Looking for some dedicated pilots to start a team with and school each other at weekend meetups near Yorktown.
  7. M

    A little help please!

    s and im having a hard time getting the results I would like from google searches and youtube about PID tuning. Im using cleanflight. I fly an angle mode because Im learning still and I plan to get out of it once my simulator comes in. BUT for now: I have 2 problems, your help is greatly...