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receiver issues

  1. L

    No receiver input in betaflight

    Hey everyone! I'm fairly new to all this so I hope you can help me. I have a BETAFPV 95x V3 Pusher VTX with Crossfire. The FC burned several weeks ago because some fabric got in one motor. I removed all the fabric, replaced the FC and connected everything like it was before and now comes my...
  2. K

    Problem: Mobula7 not binding to radio, Taranis QX7

    I recently bought a Happymodel Mobula7 from banggood. It's "bind and fly" however, out of the box It struggled with the whole binding part. I have a taranis QX7 for a radio. I'm fairly new to the hobby so I was wondering if anyone here had some advice. Everything else seems to work fine I'm...
  3. Martin Vendrame

    Drone not functioning properly (Radiolink AT10II + R12DS receiver + Storm Racing Drone)

    Hi, I'm a new pilot when is comes to race drone set up. I have a Radiolink AT10II with a R12DS receiver and a storm racing drone. I've installed the R12DS receiver on the drone. It was an easy plug and play set up. When the drone is on, only one prop rotates and the others twitches. How do I...
  4. StevenSeagal

    iFlight Cinebee 75 HD XM+ Receiver can't bind with X-lite

    Hello Quad Pilots! I'm new in the hobby.. I finally got saved up enough money to buy my first: Tanaris X-Lite receiver iFlight Cinebee 75 HD (Bind and fly with XM+ Receiver) Fatshark HDO Rapidfire Module that's what i got told would be a really good starter kit Now the problem comes in...
  5. T

    FuriBee x215 camera disconnected

    My FuriBee x215 which i bought in the last summer got its camera disconnected on the second flight and since then i never flew it again because i couldnt figure out where i had to connect it, does anyone know where i have to connect it?
  6. B

    Receiver not interfacing with FC

    ok so this is my first time building a racing drone and i made a mistake buying the receiver/remote so i got the flysky i6 controller and with the flysky ia6 receiver not the ia6b receiver the one i bought is using either ppm or pwm and while my fc (which is the seriously pro racing f3 flight...