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remote control

  1. K

    Remote control connection failed on my SJRC S70W

    Hello, I am new here and i know there is a lot of fans and professionals about drones of all kind. I have a problem with my drone. SJRC S70W. I got it two years ago and i decided to try it. I made everything right. Turned my SJRC ON, then i turned my transmitter ON and everything looked good...
  2. Jack Ley

    2 Drones 1Cup, err.. I mean RC

    Hey all, I am new to the racing quad hobby and I recently bought a 250 class storm that I am very happy with, I am using the AT9 RC/transmitter, which I am also very happy with. I was thinking of getting another racing quad, like 180 class, or just something a little cheaper that I can beat up...