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  1. G

    FlySky and Sbus?

    Hi all, I am new to racing drones and just bought an Eachine Wizard X220S (ARF). I have a FlySky i6S transmitter and an FS-X6B receiver that I am trying to install. I fitted everything together using the ibus port and protocol in beta flight and all worked okay for about ten minutes. After a...
  2. QuantumQuadsFPV

    Need help binding

    i am building a micro that can run on 4s. I bought the xjb v2 aio fc, pdb, and esc, and an fs a8s receiver to go with it. The fc doesn't have ibus, it just has sbus and ppm. I have a flysky fs i6 that only runs on ppm and ibus, i think. Can I run on ppm? I heard it is not that great, but it's...