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serial port

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    iFlight BLITZ F7 Flight Controller doesn't boot properly

    Hi everyone, a few days ago I crashed my iFlight Nazgul5 V3. I broke fans, one arm and a motor (it is stucked but still wired), all of which are very easy to replace. Unfortunately now when i try to connect the BLITZ F7 onboard controller (v1.1) to my laptop (Windows 11) I cannot see it as...
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    can we change UART number for SBUS tx receiver?

    "can we change UART number for SBUS tx receiver(futaba)? "Hi, I recently bought AIO, and trying to do soldering a receiver on AIO pad. Problem is GND pad is really bad, and a wire always come out easily. Then I am thinking to do soldering for the receiver on R4 GND 5v pads where pad conditions...