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short circut

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    Help the noob!

    Hi guys, I am very new to the world of fpv. I bought an RTF package a few months back and have been loving it. It’s a 5inch 6s quad. Unfortunately while filming some on water sports, the quad went for a swim! I managed to get it back from the salty sea about 5 hours later. I washed it in fresh...
  2. E

    Lipo Battery Short

    So I was flying the drone and the balance connector went through the rotors causing some of the leads to short. Seeing as I need a new set of underwear after the experience do I need to buy a new battery aswell? All the cells are at a good voltage - about 3.7V each so can I just resolder them...
  3. O

    Need help with first drone setup

    I am setting up my first quadcopter racing drone from kit my son bought me. I think it is the ZMR250 setup, but do not know for a fact as my son lives in Schinzen, China and just went down to his local electronics shop and purchased everything off the shelf. Quite cheap for him. I have been...