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  1. zero-g-racer

    Zero-G-Racer (Arcade FPV game)

    Hi, i'm a french fpv pilot and i dev a new type of game for FPV pilots it's a reel shooter game flight (arcade mode) and a reel simulator (scenario mode) you can play a free demo here try Zero-G-Racer Game let me know if you like this type of game bye.
  2. S

    Drone Simulator with multiple views wanted

    Hi there, I am a newbie who just bought an FrSky Taranis Q X7 RC transmitter and I am looking for a Drone Simulator (Windows or Linux) with multiple views (FPV drone, FPV pilot, etc). I am especially interested to brush up my skills to fly a drone when I don't have a drone camera available but...
  3. F

    Connecting Flysky FS-i6 to computer?

    I bought this cable from Banggood, but I can't get it to work. (Kind of sucks after eagerly waiting for their 30 day shipping, with nothing to do and all my quads out of order, also requiring very long shipping times.) I'm guessing I was supposed to use these cables that seem to have an audio...
  4. N

    Hi! I`m new here! Need help (Mac)!

    Hey guys! My name is Jin, I`m here from Hiroshima, Japan. I recently bought a Eachine Wizard x220 ARF, and am having a multiple of issues....escpecially with software and driver problems. I own a 2011 Macbook Air (HighSierra) and have a FLY SKY FS-i6 transmitter. Problems: 1. I wanted to...
  5. B

    How long?

    how long did it take some of you from the time you started flying fpv in acro until you could consistently fly a very basic track? I’ve been flying in the liftoff simulator for a couple of months(not everyday) but i feel like I’m just not grasping the fine control thing. And it has resulted in...
  6. Torc

    USB Connection Killing Sounds

    I have noticed that twice my sounds have gotten pooched after playing on the PC version of FreeRider. At first, I thought it was because I disconnected while the TX was still powered up but after fixing the sounds and making sure to turn off the TX each time before disconnecting, my sounds are...
  7. D

    How to connect Fatshark Dom V3 to a Macbook Pro and use simulator?

    Hello all. Just got my Fatshark Dom V3s. I want to connect to my Mac so I can practice flying before I actually fly the real deal. What cables do I need? The cable and the adaptor came with the FS did not work? What am I missing? Also, once I get it up and running, what app is the best to...
  8. cavalleydude

    General questions about using the Liftoff simulator

    I've been using Liftoff for a little while now. I've been flying LoS since Christmas with my real drone and I have some new FPV Goggles on the way so I've been practicing a lot on Liftoff. Im starting to make adjustments to the flight controller to dial in the drone and my flying skills. Okay...