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  1. L


    Hi, not sure if this is the right forum or not but, Im new to the building of FPV quads, so i asked my mate to build my drone for me. anyways currently down 2 ESC's. can anyone tell me why this has happened i will admit first ESC was all on me. second one i bought a new ESC stack x2. he...
  2. Winks

    Failsafe trigger on liftoff?

    I've done my best to go through and see if there's a similar post to this, to avoid flooding the forum with unnecessary posts, but I haven't found anything yet. This is my first build and I'll do my best to provide as much information as I can. I'm using the dragon X5 frame and have my drone...
  3. T

    First build and i don't know how to troubleshoot this

    hi i am building my first quad and i learned from videos so i got to a point where i configure " all" and when i tried to make my first fly something when't wrong like i had some issue between the controler and what the drone recived. but now i think something is not right in the software and i...