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Dec 22, 2021
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not sure if this is the right forum or not but,

Im new to the building of FPV quads, so i asked my mate to build my drone for me.

anyways currently down 2 ESC's.

can anyone tell me why this has happened i will admit first ESC was all on me. second one i bought a new ESC stack x2.

he done the full build, plugged smoke stopper in, everything was perfect. then when smoke stopper isnt connected he plugged the battery into the drone. motor smoke up he unplugs it, motor is now burnt. change motors to test esc. second motor burnt.

now need new motors and ESC. simple low cost build turned into a big budget *****.

1. Caddx Vista antenna 15cm U.FL

2.HGLRC AEOLUS 1404 Brushless Motor (2800KV/3600KV/4800KV)

- Motor: 4800KV

3. CADDX Polar NANO Vista Kit Starlight DJI Digital HD FPV System

4. DIATONE MAMBA RACE F722 MINI MK3 60A 3-6S 32BIT FLIGHT CONTROLLER STACK 20*20MM/M2 (this one i broke)
5. Diatone Mamba Stack F722 DJI Mini MK2 F7 Flight Controller + 32bit F40MINI Pro 40A 2-6S ESC 20x20mm (one he broke)

i noticed he removed the metal protector over the ESC from factory i belive this protects the board. and added a square metal diatone i think plate above esc between the esc and FC it was spread with rubber mounts from the esc though.

No soldier was touching each other.

screw where wound up and touching plastic under the motors.

just want to know is this a fault that could of been eliminated. if it was a factory fault. and if me installing the motor with the metal screw touching the plastic protector on the underside of motor was the cause?

Note: when we tested the second motor that burnt out this was not mounted to the board and no screws had been touching motor.

Oh he also did not put the capacitator in....... im not trying to blame anyone and im not trying to make this poor bastard pay for ****. not even mad, was a learning curve. just need to know why, and how, and if was a factory fault (unlikely i think). as he is getting ready to install the third bloody stack on the quad. if it was me sweet go crazy brother. if its him, id rather send it to a store to be installed and warranted to avoid anymore unnesesary costs


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This is exactly the right forum.

What battery were you using because that ESC is capable of a lot more than that motor.

Great that you're using a smoke stopper as many people don't.

This sentence is speculation but a a larger ESC is meant for a larger motor which will have a lower rpm so the large ESC might not be able to work the 4800kv motor, that is guessing and will need another opinion.

There are a large number of unlikely things that could have burned the motor. If the screws are touching the windings of the motor you have found your problem. The screws touching plastic or the motor base is fine. Can you send a photo of the new metal plate because swapping the heat sink off an ESC is unusual.

A capacitor helps the electronics last longer and you get cleaner video but it shouldn't cause damage like that. If you spin the motor bell by hand do you fell a sticking, ticking pull of the magnets that doesn't change or is the motor jammed in places.

If the third stack is the Caddx Vista it might be worth holding off until you have the rest of it working, to keep it safe. You can still test the motors by connecting it to Betaflight configurator on a computer.

It is really annoying when a build is costing more and more before you have flown.
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Was your antenna plugged in when you powered it up? If not, that could cause a problem, but probably with the receiver. I feel your pain. Been there many times over now. These drones are husband beaters.
Antenna has no effect on motors. No antenna will blow out your vtx.

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